Dr. Horrible is Back. Dr. Horrible is here.

Remember the Master Plan?

It must’ve changed, cause Dr. Horrible is not only back online through Hulu.com, but it’s also available to be viewed for people anywhere in the planet. Hulu did a great work to make it not only accessible, but as you might notice, the video and audio quality are also even better that the previous time.

Better yet, the video is embeddable, and if you watch the full version you have only to endure 3 short ads (and for people who’s be unable to contribute through itunes purchase, this is quite a friendly alternative), which is a lot less that you have to go through in traditional media, and you’re helping pay the great work the Mutant Enemy crew did.  Well, as we anxiously await for the release of the soundtrack CD and also the DVD, we can rejoice on watching this for free. So let’s bring back the laughs and tears, because Dr. Horrible is HERE.

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