Queen feat. Paul Rodgers, extend their tour with 2 shows in São Paulo.

UPDATE (Oct-07-08): The show will be part of their promotion of new album “The Cosmos Rocks”. Hopefully they’ll play some classics, as I already got my tickets to attend the second show.

Com Paul Rodgers no vocal, Queen fará 2 shows em SP.

As the end of the year approaches, I was already expecting this to be a show-less year for me. Last year was kind of a record for me for the numbers of show I got to attend, specially because they ain’t exactly cheap, which included Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and The Blue Man Group.

But then, I bumped into this news last night while checking the feeds.

Having been born in early 80s, I was still too late to really be able to enjoy Queen (one of my all time favorite bands) in their original form, with the sublime vocals from Freddie Mercury. Last time they were here, back in 85, I wasn’t even at this side of the hemisphere yet.

Paul it’s okay, but I’m mostly excited to be able to she Brian May and the others on stage, so this is definitely a show I’ll be attending.

G1, the Google’s phone powered by Android.

For some weird reason, I’m incredibly excited for the G1 (aka. Gphone), not so much about how the device can be compared to Apple’s Iphone, but mostly for the things that the Android software will be able to provide.

And I wonder, if this one is called G1, will the following generations or upgrades, be called G2, G3? (For some reason I sense Toei writers smirking a lot for the amount of gadgets with G prefix in their current Super Sentai show, Go-onger. Must be good for merchandise sales).

The Android Software

T-Mobile and Google Unveil the G1, the First Phone with Android

The Android platform will offer Google applications such as Google Maps with street view, push Gmail, and YouTube that’s integrated into the device. There’s also one-touch access to the Amazon MP3 store, allowing you to download music directly to the phone. We’ll have a hands-on with it later today, but you’ll be able to pick one of these bad boys up starting on October 22 for $179.

Google Introduces an iPhone Rival Open to Whims

Analysts said that the G1 did not represent the kind of revolutionary change in design and function that Apple introduced last year with the iPhone. But the G1 is likely to further accelerate two trends that will have a lasting impact on the wireless industry: the growing use of the Internet on the go, and the ability of consumers to customize their phones with their favorite functions.

Wonder when will it finally be available overseas. The Iphones for instance are only officially porting here in Brazil next month today, the two companies which will be providing official service and retail of the devices, have just announced the different service packs you can acquire. The competition is getting so fierce, that the scheduled simultaneous release events for today.

The G1, which is made by the Taiwanese electronics maker HTC, has a large color touch screen that slides out to expose a full keyboard. It also has a 3-megapixel camera, G.P.S. navigation, Wi-Fi access and an Internet browser. It will sell for $179, or $20 less than the iPhone, with a two-year voice and data plan.

I remember seeing some phone from HTC back in November last year, when I was back in Taiwan, that already started the work to compete with Apple, so the real differentiating point from G1, is really the Android software.

While the G1 is expected to compete with high-end smartphones like the iPhone and the BlackBerry line of devices made by Research in Motion, Google’s aims are far different from those of its rivals.

Google makes the Android software available for free to carriers and handset makers who want to use it to power their own devices. Google hopes that many will choose to do so, populating the market with mobile phones that have easy access to Google’s services. Just as it does on the PC-based Internet, Google hopes to earn money from advertising.

“For Google, Android is a cash drain,” said James Faucette, an analyst with Pacific Crest Securities. “They are going to lose money on Android as an operating system. They hope to make it up from the services that they are delivering through their infrastructure and servers.”

While Google is betting on the success of Android, it also stands to benefit from the success of other smartphones, as their owners tend to surf and search the Internet much more actively than users of less advanced phones. Indeed, Google said earlier this year that its mobile service received a disproportionate amount of traffic from iPhone users.

“We want people out there to use the Internet on their phones a lot,” Mr. Brin said in an interview. “It actually doesn’t matter if it is Android, the iPhone or something else.”

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter.

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter.

Found this funny and poignant video while reading Twitter Brasil blog. “You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter” is song from Ben Walke and you’ll find the complete lyrics in the linked post.

Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are recognized in “Almanaque”.

They’re not only the first Brazilian comic book creators to receive Eisner Awards this year, but also awarded independently in separate categories. Normally, you”ll find these twin brothers working together in their own projects, but you’ll also find them working along other acclaimed artists.

They were even named by EW, back in December 2007, as the Wonder Twins to be watched in the publishing world.

In the following link (from their blog) they included the interview done by the magazine show “Almanaque” broadcasted last weekend. In this brief but very informative interview, the twins talk about their career, their work philosophy, local and international acclaim, the comic book market in Brazil and in the world, their inspirations and how being twins is definitely something really important to their dynamic. The interview is in Portuguese, but if you know basic latin based language, you might be able to understand somethings, despite some coloquialism on the latter portion of the interview.

Check it out, here.


Found this video while reading “Blog do Tas”.

The following video called “Reciprocity”, and was created by Paulo Hartmann and was shown in the 1st  HTTPVideo, organized by Instituto Sérgio Motta. In it, we find the Brazilian national athen, recited by one of those automated eletronical voices.

It’s a very amazing, and somewhat disturbing feat.

Entertainment News Roundup: Sept 18th, 2008.

Some Entertainment News from the News Feed.

Warehouse 13 Gets Green Light.

The series stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly as Secret Service agents charged with securing a huge, top-secret South Dakota storage facility full of supernatural artifacts and relics.
Warehouse 13 is produced by Universal Cable Productions and is executive-produced by David Simkins. Brent Mote, Jane Espenson and Simkins wrote the pilot, with Jace Alexander directing.

Great, this is Jane Espenson new project that was announced sometime ago. Of course it will bring new comparisons to overrated “The X-Files” (Season 1-3 are actually really good, and 4 and 5 still watchable, anything after the first movie, just forget about it).

I’m kind of wary for David Simkins work, but I trust Jane Espenson, who I hope will insert a good amount level of the funny in this show.

ABC greenlights new show, Flash Forward.

The network has given a pilot order to the spec script by filmmaker David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and “Star Trek” veteran Brannon Braga.

Based on Robert J. Sawyer’s sci-fi novel, “Flash Forward” is considered very compatible with “Lost.” It chronicles the chaos that ensues after everyone in the world blacks out for 2 minutes, 17 seconds and has a mysterious vision of the future that changes lives forever.

Goyer will direct the pilot. He also will executive produce with Braga and Jessika Borsiczky Goyer (NBC’s “Revelations”) along with Vince Gerardis and Ralph M. Vicinanza (Jumper), who own the rights to the book.

Goyer and Braga in a new team up after CBS’ “Threshold”, which did have a very interesting concept, a great cast, sadly they got lost somewhere in between, and was just one of loser players in the fall season filled with a lot of complicated high concept serialized shows, after buzz making success of Lost.

ABC is already looking for a potential filler for Lost, something that would attract the same audience, as we’re closer and closer for the final days of Lost. Onto this, news media tend to fret too much about “OMG, Lost is not performing that well on ratings, at least not as well than back in Season 1”. I don’t get where this worry is coming from. The Lost fans are exactly the fans that would look for alternative ways to get the content, including online viewing or the DVDs. It’s a show better watched without the ad-breaks (year, advertisers, should fret a bit here), with episodes marathons. It’s a show that require commitment from the viewer from the beginning to the end, unlike any CSI-procedural, that even with some ongoing storyline with some of the characters, you don’t need much to just insert yourself in at any point in the season or the series.

Back to “Flash Forward” it sounds interesting, hopefully won’t get the demise that other high concept serialized shows end up as something not as compelling.

Jude Law in talks for ‘Sherlock’

Jude Law is negotiating to join Robert Downey Jr. in “Sherlock Holmes,” the drama that Guy Ritchie will direct for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures.

Law is expected to close a deal shortly to play Watson, the super-sleuth’s sidekick.

I can’t remember when was the last time we had a decent “Sherlock Holmes” movie. The cast is quite promising.

Poster Revealed for “Revolutionary Road”

Scope out the new movie poster for Revolutionary Road, the upcoming drama reuniting Titanic duo Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Titanic was the biggest film in box-office history back in 1997, so Leo and Kate have a lot to live up to!

According to USA Today, “Road tells the story of a young, successful couple living what appears to be a thriving life with their two children in 1950s Connecticut.

Mostly all the buzz about this movies is only about reuniting these “Titanic” cast mates. I remember the day that Leo DiCaprio really bothered me, but I have to admit he got really good on his craft. I really enjoy Kate Winslett career choices, but I’ll always remember her as the unforgetable Clementine, instead of her romantic heroine Rose from “TItanic”.

DVD Announcement: Heather: Limited Edition

Another great package design for another anniversary / limited DVD release.

Colombian Telenovela “Cartel de los Sapos” chronicling the saga of the rise of a drug cartel in country.

As the most high rated show in Colombia right now, despite the polemic theme (wonder if it will get under radar of some us tv exec, or wonder what the guys from “Entourage” could think about it. As it seems is not ok to to foreigners to talk about it, but there is no problem if they talk about it themselves.

The telenovela is actually based on real facts, slightly twisted, but basically chronicles how the Cartel de Los Sapos (The Frog Cartel), ascended in the country between the 1980s and 1990s decads, overtaking the Medellin and Cali Cartels, the leaders and their girlfriends and their conflict witht he police, how they become one of the largest Coke sellers in the world, their effect on Colombia, and truthlly show how some of their founders used to be cops.

The True History of Cylons. – From Darth Mojo.

Ever wondered who created the cylons? No, I’m not referring to the referred cylon god from the new show, I mean who was the originator of the cylons, the designer of them from the original show, as the cylons complete their 30th Anniversary.

You can find out by reading the following liked article:

HBO renewals

Here are some interesting news that fell into my news feed today.

HBO renews Epitáfios and Capadócia – From Teleséries.
Following their local investments, HBO is renewing two of their Latin American Shows for a second season. Both are renewed for new 13 episode cycles, as follow previously renewed Brazilian show “Filhos do Carnaval”, which received an early renewal, and the new season will premiere later thi year.

Epitáfios is procedural police show from Argentina, and the new season will find the protagonist Renzo Marquéz hunting a new serial killer. The first season / mini series was produced and broadcasted back in 2004.

Capadócia is an award winning Mexican show about a women prison.

On related news, as I’ve blogged before, they’re new Brazilian show, “Alice” will premiere next Sunday.

HBO renews True Blood after only 2 episodes – From SciFi Wire

Created and produced by Alan Ball from the Six Feet Under Fame, starring Anna Paquin and based on a book series from Charlaine Harris, it’s been a somewhat polemic show since the pilot leaked in the web a few months ago.  After some satisfying results, HBO’s already announced it’s renewal for a second season to be shown in the summer of 2009.

As the first really genre show from HBO since Carnivale, hopefully we won’t just be left dangling, by the end of the second season, with no resolution at all.