Unknown spots: Tocantins, Brazil

Map of Tocantins in Brazil

Map of Tocantins in Brazil

I’m an awful blogger, that things just gets overdue, since end up postponing posting things.

I was about to share a certain side of my work that allows me to experience things I hardly imagine doing by myself.  As part of my work to estimulate teachers to work with scientific projects with their students, I started to participate as support lecturer that began as an idea originated in the Educator Academy – Education Innovation Program which was organized back in 2005, during that year’s Intel ISEF. From that some of the major Science Fairs in Brazil, joined forces with Intel which began a program of courses targeted to teachers, initially through lectured during the Science Fairs themselves, later becoming and intinerant program that allow us to travel to other cities in the country so we can reach a wider audience.

I did travel for work before, but ever sInce I started to have a role in this program, I only went to places that were quite closer, with the program I’ve travelled for more remote places.

About two weeks ago, around this time I was at Galeào airpot in Rio de Janeiro, awaiting for my connection flight that would take me to Palmas, in the state of Tocantins, from where a driver would meet me and another teacher, for a 3 and a half hour long drive to the city of Dianópolis, where the course would take place, the following day and another morning.


Dianópolis Mayors Office

Dianópolis Mayors Office

Just for meeting the teachers and the people from these places, it’s already a very rewarding part of the experience, but a lot of other things always make it richer. I’ve been posting some of these pictures in my flickr (check for link on the right), but have yet to properly organize them properly.

These trips to unsettle you a bit. I’m a man of big cities, lights and noise, of speed.

When you arrive there you get the small city feel, with everyone knowing each other. A sense of community, that’s a lot harder to get in big cities. The streets are wider, and for some reason the notion of distance is also different.

School Auditorium for over 200 people

School Auditorium for over 200 people

As our return flight was booked to the afternoon, we had to leave early, which allowed me to really appreciate the view.

The 350Km that we had to travel, made me think, about how cool it would be to set a spot of Amazing Race, there. I know through reliable sources that one of the stops in the new season, is once again Brazil, mosly Sao Paulo again, a change of scenery would be so cool. Logistics, would be complicated though.

We went thorugh basically 3 roads, but at night it would be impossible to someone who doens’t know his way around to traverse through it.

The view is quite impressive, but the the beautiful view is sometimes cut by farmers burning fields, which is somewhat disturbing. You can find more pictures in flicker but let me share a few more in here.

I’ll return next time with another story from this trip, with the mysterious and quite impressive story of Dona Romana.

On the way out of the city.

On the way out of the city.

Burning Fields

Burning Fields

Next: The story of Dona Romana. It’s interesting enough to deserve its own post.


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