Gorgeous Book: Taschen’s “Fantasy Worlds”.

I was about to finally post the complementary commentary about my trip to Tocantins, about the tale of Dona Romana, but I think I deserves another small prequel before the short tale itself.

About a month ago, I made my bi-annual visit to the INTERNATIONAL BOOK BIENNIAL OF SÃO PAULO (hence the time frame specifics), which is just strange placing for book lovers, it’s great for seeing so many books gathered at the same place, but at the same time it’s disturbing to see so many people in there just for the buzz, people who you would hardly see enter a bookstore or library at all, and not really book readers at all.  For the sake of the world we can at least hope that the amount of books and culture there will at least rub on them, and make them read a book (even a trashy one – even I read those) once in a while.

I love visiting the Book Biennial for some great sales that end up appearing, from that I got myself a copy of “Fantasy Worlds” published by Benedikt Taschen Verlag, which has a great line of art books (I also got myself two great Salvador Dali books from them). The book in question is a gorgeous 340-page hardback book, with Photos from amazing places around the world, that seems displaced from what you’ll know from your day-to-day environment.  Separated through the continents, the most interesting part is that it doesn’t go to the most obvious places, you’d imagine with book titled like this, such as the Pascoa Islands, for example.

If you like the subject or these pretty pictures, I definitely recommend this book, which I payed a very friendly price for a new book. The clerks were so nice, that they even gave me a copy that was still all packed in the protective plastic package, since the one I was flipping around, was exactly there for that purpose.  To avoid any copyright issues, I won’t share any pictures here, but the Amazon link I shared above, will take you to some page pictures.

Anyway, why this serves as an prequel for my upcoming post about Dona Romana, simply because if the authors ever update the book, the place Dona Romana created, should definetely be featured in it. It is such a magical place.


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