Fans line up to see Rent last time on Broadway.

Fans line up to see Rent last time on Broadway | Entertainment | Reuters.

Update: Original cast members fete last performance – Variety.

I must be the worst renthead ever, I even doubt I can be called that, because I’m a huge fan of the play, having never watched the actual play live, or any of the alternative montages.

I’m sad to see it finally fading away (spent the weekend listening to the OBC soundtrack and the movies’ soundtrack), and that will never get to see in the in the Netherlander.

Hopefully like the the play, it did the best with the time that it had.

No day but today.

I must be in the few group of straight males who actually admit enjoying musicals once in a while. I even have a section in my DVD collection for musical movies.  There are a lot of musicals that I enjoy, but for some reason, “Rent” is still my all time favorite, despite having never watched the play live.  There something about Mark plight and journey, that I always identified with and still do, so much that still bother me a lot that Columbus ended up cutting “Halloween” and “Goodbye Love” from the movie, as they bring so many important elements about Mark.


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