Sao Paulo has the most packed Metro in the planet.

Taipei MRT system in 2006.

Sao Paulo has the most packed Metro in the planet.

According to CoMET (Community of Metros), which gathers the main 12 metro systems in the world, São Paulo is the city with the most packed system among them.

Not surprised, as the expasion pace of our Metro system, has been so slow, and also suffered some serious accident along the process, that has not been able to keep up with its demand.

Compared to Taipei’s MRT system, which I’m surprised to find, it’s not part of this select group, not only grew (and still grows) in an orderly fashion, but it’s almost everywhere in the city. I still remember the days that there were no MRT at all in the city, to the days that it was well implemanted, to the recent growth, which gather less then 20 years of history. Last time, I was back, which was back in November 2007, they were already on building process for the station close to one of the main airports in the nothern region of the country.

Just for info sakes, these are the 12 members of CoMet: Berlin BVG, Hong Kong MTR, London Underground Ltd, Metro de Madrid, Mexico City STC, Moscow MoM, Paris Metro (RATP), Paris RER, New York City Transit, Metro de Santiago, São Paulo MSP and Shanghai SMOC.


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