Tennant Set For “Doctor Who” Movie?

Tennant Set For “Doctor Who” Movie? (September 11th 2008).

Edit: Forgot to credit the source. From Dark Horizons.

I didn’t grew up with Doctor Who, like some of my online British and even in some cases American friends, but I did start to follow the franchise after Russel T. Davies revived a few years ago, and I did not only fall in love with the incredible world of this character, but it also inspired me to start reaching to other UK productions.

I hope this big screen plan do pan out, but it’s hard for me imagine them topping some of the highlights from the show, like small anthological classics like Moffat’s unbeatable episode “Blink” or the epic conclusion from this year’s series.

The return of Catherine Tate?

I still remember last year, when they announced that Donna Noble would be Doctor’s new companion, I flinched. Having experienced her in one of the Christmas specials, and some really great runs from Rose (Billie Piper) and Martha (Freema Agyeman), I thought that it would be so hard to have Donna around.

Surprised was I, that Donna’s return was not only welcome, but her interaction with the Doctor, was even better than the other two companions, a lot because there were no romantic undelyings in their relationship. And was really sad to see her go away at the end of “Journey’s End“.

Well, if they can work this out, I’m on board.


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