Holding your audience with some creativity.

Spectacular Sticky-Note Experiment .

Stumbled with this really fun ad in a blog post from Marshable.Three Minutes and Nineteen seconds of colorful and joyfun, that actually made me curious about the product, and wonder whether we have them here in Brazil. It worked. And they did include websites in some moments of the ad, so we can follow through, which I’ve yet to do.

OK, most of times, advertisers only get 30-seconds to send in their message, but the message is mostly empty if you can’t reach your intended audience. But in the era of Tivo, DVRs, or even the old VHS from years ago and other things of such, allow people to skip those ads, but what if you can make someone who`s fart forwarding through the commercial break, stop and rewind, and then rewind again. Think about it.

Oh, the guys from EepyBird must be credited for the experiment. http://eepybird.com/


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