Review: “Mamma Mia”

You know, how people react is uneven ways to different types of stimuli. That was what happened for my reactions to this movie compared to my friends reactions.

Personally I felt that the movie was only cute, but the narrative was just all over the place, it didn’t really flow that wel, even messier than Columbus take on “Rent”. While my friends left with the feeling “I really want to watch it again ASAP”, I was “fine, it was fun, but I don’t see myself watching it again or even desiring for the Dvd”.

It was clear which songs settings were almost only amplified versions of the stage versions, and sometime just didn’t work that well in film.

But if there’s a reason to watch the movie, is for another nothing less than phenomenal work from Merry Streep.  She really show us how she’s a lady of multiple talent. She’s so good that overshadows, some disturbing moments like having a James Bond, not only sing, but in shiny tight clothes, or “Strapboot Bill” bare butt.

I never went in expecting more, but the lack of better narrative flow really bugged me.

Discography as Movie – going “Across the Universe”

More than an movie or stage musical becoming a musical movie, it’s a showcase of some of Abba’s best hits. Which reminded me of the amazing work Julie Taymour did with some of The Beatles best hits for “Across the Universe”. Unlike the movie that I’m actually reviewing, “AtU” flowed amazylying well, and the songs really fit well for the narrative. And maybe for the fact that the movie was basically populated by new faces, I was even surprised that it was Evan Rachel Wood herself sining all of her part, and a great script, the result was so compelling. This was actually an example of movie that I left wanting to watch it again right away.

Moulin Rouge was another great moment as contemporary music was incorporated into a more classic musical style, with all the mish mash of music.

But onto the subject of best hits becoming great musicals, I started to wonder which other bands or groups discography or best hits, could be turned into a great musical, either for stage or film. After some thought, I think the following bands song history would turn out into great musicals, and with a good script, could turn out to be classics:

1) Queen

2) U2

3) Aerosmith

4) Roxette

Any other ideas? And, yes, thinking about Moulin Rouge, is kind of like cheating…


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