Midway announces complete character roster for MK X DC.

I remember hearing about this game project around the time it was first hinted, and right away depressed me.

As a comic book follower I always preferred DC Universe over Marvel, was never able to explain why, but if I ever had to choose, my choice wouldn’t waver.

Mortal Kombat
Shang Tsung
Liu Kang
Shao Kahn

DC Universe
Green Lantern
The Joker
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Lex Luthor

I always enjoyed fighting games also, I know a lot about them is about basically the gameplay, but the storyline of the game and the background of the character matters to me as much. That’s why I always enjoyed the various games developed by either Capcom, SNK or Namco, which worked hard with this.

The Vs. projects from Capcom, featuring first the X-Men alongside the Street Fighteer characters, later broadaning the approach for both universes characters, were fun, were joyful, and for some reason there was some match within them.

Mortal Kombat X DC Universe, depresses me a lot, cause I can’t see the universe really matching. It was long gone the day that MK was really a serious competitor in this game type market, but it was always a dark franchise. Exactly the type the darkness that’s been storming the DC Universe comics in the lastest years, is exactly the type of thing I’d love to avoid.

There was never nothing wrong, in the old days about about DCU being a brigther place than Marvel, and I miss that. I still follow the stories because I care about the characters, but I miss when things were if not brighter, just less grim.

The Dark Knight trend

I remember reading a few weeks ago some piece about, the success of “The Dark Knight” inspiring the studio to fast track other comic book movie projects, trying for a more streamlined universe, somewhat similar to what’s been done over at marvel. Something that bothers me though, is also the fact that the studio honchos are targeting darker stories, as if that was the secret for DK’s success, as if that was the secret ingredient for a succesful movie.

I hope they really backtrack from this. Darker doesn’t mean better. Superman is not Batman, just like Wonder Woman is not them either, and are on their differences that we find why they’re DCU’s main trinity.

Hoping for brighter days.


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