Queen feat. Paul Rodgers, extend their tour with 2 shows in São Paulo.

UPDATE (Oct-07-08): The show will be part of their promotion of new album “The Cosmos Rocks”. Hopefully they’ll play some classics, as I already got my tickets to attend the second show.

Com Paul Rodgers no vocal, Queen fará 2 shows em SP.

As the end of the year approaches, I was already expecting this to be a show-less year for me. Last year was kind of a record for me for the numbers of show I got to attend, specially because they ain’t exactly cheap, which included Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and The Blue Man Group.

But then, I bumped into this news last night while checking the feeds.

Having been born in early 80s, I was still too late to really be able to enjoy Queen (one of my all time favorite bands) in their original form, with the sublime vocals from Freddie Mercury. Last time they were here, back in 85, I wasn’t even at this side of the hemisphere yet.

Paul it’s okay, but I’m mostly excited to be able to she Brian May and the others on stage, so this is definitely a show I’ll be attending.


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