CBS shows on youtube: a road toward universalization of content?

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It’s this the 1st step towards allowing people from all over the world to access almost simultaneous new content legally?

Doubt that, with the big hammer from authorship laws lingering everywhere, in which local needs to be local, while the internet is not local at all.

The problem as discussed in other occasions is that the copyright laws do exist out there for a reason to protect creators in their local nations, towards what can be bad use and improper monetization of their creations. But the web changed how content can be distributed, and those laws are still incapable of keeping up with the change.

The election in Brazil do show well how things are diparate. The TSE (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral – Superior Electoral Tribunal), which regulates how elections are conducted in the whole country. Did dictate some new rules about the use of web in campaigns, which should not even be called rules, as they work ton heavy binders that at the end doesn’t allow the use of the web properly as propaganda tool.

Unlike recent youtube crisis with the McCain campaign, in which some of the videos that Youtube ended up taken down, were videos with condescending content toward his opponent instead of proper promotional content, candidates from Brazil are not even allowed to use it properly. If they create an Youtube channel for instance to collect promotional videos from the campaign, they can, but what they cannot do is actually acknowledge its existence, since they can’t link the youtube channel for their official campaigns website. Candidates were allowed to use other tools such as twitter or even social networking sites like Orkut (the most widespread locally), but just like the case of Youtube Channels, could not be officially acknowledged as official content for their campaigns.

Back on the subject of authorship and copyright laws, the following video for spreading the ideals of Creative Commons, do reflect the thoughts needed for new media, which is great for independent creators.

Not surprisingly things get all blurry when big corporation are thrown into the mix.

67 Countries Vying for 2008 Foreign Language Oscar.

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It depresses me that we’re getting another gritty reality type of movie as the Brazil nominee.

For every more hopeful movie like we had with “O Ano em que meus pais saíram de Férias” (the almost auto-biographycal movie from Cao Haburger), we get a dozen of heavier movies. Yes they’re all from great filmakers, but quite depressive.

As I am always glad to find out, the Sao Paulo International Film Festival, is actually one of these few great places to get really fine Brazilian made films, that goes against those kind of movies. I already watched one this year (yesterday for instance), that’s simply a gem. Will talk about it later.

Taiwanese, entry Cape No. 7 has been so praised, that I’m really curious. My sister was back from Taiwan last week, and says that this is an unmissable movie. Will comment on it as soon as I get a copy of it.

The 2008 submissions are:

Afghanistan, “Opium War,” Siddiq Barmak, director;

Albania, “The Sorrow of Mrs. Schneider,” Piro Milkani and Eno Milkani, directors;

Algeria, “Masquerades,” Lyes Salem, director;

Argentina, “Lion’s Den,” Pablo Trapero, director;

Austria, “Revanche,” Gotz Spielmann, director;

Azerbaijan, “Fortress,” Shamil Nacafzada, director;

Bangladesh, “Aha!,” Enamul Karim Nirjhar, director;

Belgium, “Eldorado,” Bouli Lanners, director;

Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Snow,” Aida Begic, director;

Brazil, “Last Stop 174,” Bruno Barreto, director;

Bulgaria, “Zift,” Javor Gardev, director;

Canada, “The Necessities of Life,” Benoit Pilon, director;

Chile, “Tony Manero,” Pablo Larrain, director;

China, “Dream Weavers,” Jun Gu, director;

Colombia, “Dog Eat Dog,” Carlos Moreno, director;

Croatia, “No One’s Son,” Arsen Anton Ostojic, director;

Czech Republic, “The Karamazovs,” Petr Zelenka, director;

Denmark, “Worlds Apart,” Niels Arden Oplev, director;

Egypt, “The Island,” Sherif Arafa, director;

Estonia, “I Was Here,” Rene Vilbre, director;

Finland, “The Home of Dark Butterflies,” Dome Karukoski, director;

France, “The Class,” Laurent Cantet, director;

Georgia, “Mediator,” Dito Tsintsadze, director;

Germany, “The Baader Meinhof Complex,” Uli Edel, director;

Greece, “Correction,” Thanos Anastopoulos, director;

Hong Kong, “Painted Skin,” Gordon Chan, director;

Hungary, “Iska’s Journey,” Csaba Bollok, director;

Iceland, “White Night Wedding,” Baltasar Kormakur, director;

India, “Taare Zameen Par,” Aamir Khan, director;

Iran, “The Song of Sparrows,” Majid Majidi, director;

Israel, “Waltz with Bashir,” Ari Folman, director;

Italy, “Gomorra,” Matteo Garrone, director;

Japan, “Departures,” Yojiro Takita, director;

Jordan, “Captain Abu Raed,” Amin Matalqa, director;

Kazakhstan, “Tulpan,” Sergey Dvortsevoy, director;

Korea, “Crossing,” Tae-kyun Kim, director;

Kyrgyzstan, “Heavens Blue,” Marie Jaoul de Poncheville, director;

Latvia, “Defenders of Riga,” Aigars Grauba, director;

Lebanon, “Under the Bombs,” Philippe Aractingi, director;

Lithuania, “Loss,” Maris Martinsons, director;

Luxembourg, “Nuits d’Arabie,” Paul Kieffer, director;

Macedonia, “I’m from Titov Veles,” Teona Strugar Mitevska, director;

Mexico, “Tear This Heart Out,” Roberto Sneider, director;

Morocco, “Goodbye Mothers,” Mohamed Ismail, director;

The Netherlands, “Dunya & Desie,” Dana Nechushtan, director;

Norway, “O’Horten,” Bent Hamer, director;

Palestine, “Salt of This Sea” Annemarie Jacir, director;

Philippines, “Ploning,” Dante Nico Garcia, director;

Poland, “Tricks,” Andrzej Jakimowski, director;

Portugal, “Our Beloved Month of August,” Miguel Gomes, director;

Romania, “The Rest Is Silence,” Nae Caranfil, director;

Russia, “Mermaid,” Anna Melikyan, director;

Serbia, “The Tour,” Goran Markovic, director;

Singapore, “My Magic,” Eric Khoo, director;

Slovakia, “Blind Loves,” Juraj Lehotsky, director;

Slovenia, “Rooster’s Breakfast,” Marko Nabersnik, director;

South Africa, “Jerusalema,” Ralph Ziman, director;

Spain, “The Blind Sunflowers,” Jose Luis Cuerda, director;

Sweden, “Everlasting Moments,” Jan Troell, director;

Switzerland, “The Friend,” Micha Lewinsky, director;

Taiwan, “Cape No. 7,” Te-Sheng Wei, director;

Thailand, “Love of Siam,” Chookiat Sakveerakul, director;

Turkey, “3 Monkeys,” Nuri Bilge Ceylan, director;

Ukraine, “Illusion of Fear,” Aleksandr Kiriyenko, director;

United Kingdom, “Hope Eternal,” Karl Francis, director;

Uruguay, “Kill Them All,” Esteban Schroeder, director;

Venezuela, “The Color of Fame,” Alejandro Bellame Palacios, director.

Nominations for the 81st Academy Awards will be announced on Thursday, January 22, 2009, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Google’s 10th Birthday Present: Awarding World-Changing Ideas.

GoogleProject 10100

Google’s 10th Birthday Present: World-Changing Ideas.

Back in September 24th, Google announced its 10th birthday celebration endeavor, called Project 10^100 (as in “Project 10 to the 100th”).

The project works as follows: you send Google your idea by October 20th; it’s done by simply filling out a submission form, add a 30-second video if you like. Public voting on ideas begins on January 27th, 20 semi finalists will be chosen, and an advisory board will then select up to five final ideas. Google will commit 10 million dollars to make these ideas work.

The company said that an idea could use technology or not, could be big or small, but it must have an impact. The 100 best ideas will then be identified, and users will be asked to vote on which ideas the company should back with funds. The deadline for submission of ideas is October 20, and the top 20 ideas will be available for online voting on January 27. After that, a panel of judges will choose as many as five of the ideas for final funding.

On the company’s official blog, Andy Berndt, managing director of Google’s Creative Lab, noted that we are living in a time when people have access to more information, more tools, and more ways of turning good ideas into action.

“Yet,” he wrote, “at the same time so many people (in all walks of life) could use some help, in small ways and big.” The ideas could come from anywhere, he said — a lab, a company, a university, or even “some small connection you’ve noticed, some old way of doing something that you’ve seen with new eyes.”

You can find their promo video over here:


32ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema em São Paulo.

It’s that time of the year again, two weeks of pure movie bliss, as another edition of the Mostra Internacional de Cinema em São Paulo (Sao Paulo International Film Festival).

I’ve been attending the event since 2001, initially only picking a couple of movies to watch, then more recently I decided to get those multiple pack tickets, that even get you those really nice badges with photos on them

This year’s edition will occur from October 17th to the 30th. For some reason the English page is not up yet, but they finally unveilled general details about ticket prices and package prices. And you can find them over here.

I’m translating the general specs down here.

Dates for the Central

From October 6th to 10th, from Noon to 6pm: Only Information Booth Available.

From October 11th to the 30th, from 10am to 9pm: ticketing booth, merchandise booth and information booth.

Adress: Av. Paulista, 2073, – Central da 32ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema (Conjunto Nacional).

The credentials are generated by order of arrival.



Permanente Integral                                     R$  390,00
Permanente Integral Folha (15% descount)      R$  331,50
Permanente Special                                      R$  90,00
Permanente Special Folha (15% de desconto)  R$  76,50
20 ticket Packages                                        R$  165,00
40 ticket Packages                                        R$  285,00

The 15% Folha descount is only available for the main subscriber.

From Mondays through Thursdays
Full Price – R$ 14,00
Half Price – R$ 7,00

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Full Price – R$ 18,00
Half Price – R$ 9,00

Individual Tickets are only available directly in the showing theathers.

James Gunn’s PG Porn debuts. is bringing us this fall a new fun short funny series.

As the tagline mentions’ it’s for people who love everything about Porn, except the sex.

From James Gunn’s Myspace Blog:

JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN. It’s pornography everyone can enjoy, not just perverts.  You and your grandmother, for instance, could sit down together and enjoy some nice clean smut.  Or your kids could come home from school, and the whole family could gather around the computer and not-jerk-off to some porn embedded with deep traditional values (like not fucking).

GOOD BOYS PRODUCTIONS and SAFRAN DIGITAL GROUP is proud to announce our new web series, JAMES GUNN’S PG-PORN, which teams mainstream Hollywood actors with performers formerly known for their work in the adult industry, but who will soon be known for being part of a worldwide revolution in sexless pornography.

The short sketches, will feature known hollywood actors including Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosembaun,

You can find the debut episode, “Nailing your Wife”, featuring Nathan Fillion, here.

BBC’s Digital Planet Radio Programme in Brazil.

A couple weeks ago BBC’s Gareth Mitchell and Michelle Martin were in Brazil where they produced content for their Radio programme “Digital Planet”, the first show of the series was already on the air / on the web, when they were still here.

Jorge Franco (school teacher), student, Gareth Mitchell, Michelle Martin, Roseli Lopes and Johny Ho.

You can check out this week’s show, which it’s the second part of the Brazil Coverage in the link below, in which I make a special appearance, sounding as weird as possible (please remind me to breathe before speaking – now I’m worried if our Tales from the Verse story readers understand the Translation Tips I sent in to help them).

Digital Planet in Brazil Part 2

Here’s a backstage video.


A great opportunity for scientists who just also happen to be filmakers, or the other way around.

The CINECIEN 08, is the third edition of festival for video produced towards science & Technology, mostly from researchers from the Mercosul country members. The submissions for this year are open till November 14th.