Unknown spots: Meeting Dona Romana.

CBS just announced the racers that will take part of the new cycle of the show, the 14th of this multiple Emmy winning reality show.  This will be the second cycle that the network will be showing this season. The 13th seasonpremiered back in October, the first leg of the race took the 11 teams (with previous relatioships) to Salvador, Brazil.

Unfortunately, it was just a so-so season, lacking the excitement of Seasons 11 (The All Star Season) & 12 that I really enjoyed. For some reason, people seems to get confused when talking about Latin America or South America, and Brazil in this context. As the largest and possibly the richest country in Latin America, it is a very uneven country. It can be at the same time the ultimate synonym of being cosmopolitan, but you don’t need to go that far to see homeless kids begging just to eat.

We speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Out capital city is Brasilia, not Rio de Janeiro (which used to be a very long time ago) or Buenos Aires (that’s the capital city for Argentina).  Rio’s slums (aka favelas) are very identifiable, but is very local look, that differs to big slums from other large cities.  Sao Paulo is like a small country by itself. And despite all of these, travelling to the small spots, are sometimes what makes you take things into perspective.

As I posted previously, about my trip to Tocantins back in August, the way to Dianopolis would’ve make a great spot for the race. It was the great example of how small cities differed from large cities, but that I already shared a few months ago, before taking the long hiatus that I’ve taken with this blog. So it’s been a long time since I promised to talk about the meeting with Dona Romana.

Dona Romana

Dona Romana

Sometimes the timing is just right. It takes and 3 hour and 1/2 drive to take us from Dianopolis a small city in the state of Tocantins to Palmas, it’s capital and closest city with airports with commercial flights that can take us back home.  We pretty much had to rush through the final activities for training program we were working with the local district teachers, as we had to leave before noon. As we had free seats, two local teachers took the ride with us.

On the way to Palmas, we have to cross by a city named Almas, which confuses a lot of people, as the city entrance features a huge display “ALMAS”, and unprepared people get confused because, they end up confusing it with Palmas, which is like another 200km away. It’s nearby there, that lives Dona Romana. Healer, Sculptor, a spiritual guide. She’s probably the best real example when you picture one of these people you’d stumble in some Stephen King fiction,  One of the teachers accompanying us, took us there, and gave us a brief introduction of her history.

She dreams, these dreams are what compels her to build some really amazing sculptures. She’s Christian (you’ll see altars and large paintings of Jesus Christ in the house), but she doens’t know where she get these visions.  The outside of the large property is populated by dozens of sculptures, that are hard to believe are all build by herself.  They’re almost set as a big maze. She claims that whenever she gets a dream, that compels her to build something, it comes with some unknown force that allows her to do so.  Ever since, her home became sort of a sanctuary.  She’s didn’t mind our non-scheduled visit, and took us in a tour through the property. There are areas that simply store things, store books, clothes, and even a circled area that collects from old wooden tools to Alien action figures . She has a storage room with piles and piles of old soda bottles filled with seeds.

Dona Romana says that those will be needed for someday. She doesn’t know when, she doesn’t know what. She just knows that it’s needed. It’s a little bit haunting.

Here are some pictures I took at that visit.

Entrance to Dona Romanas Home

Entrance to Dona Romana's Home

You enter and exit in different ways.

Crossroad: You enter and exit in different ways.

A person?

A person?

What type of bird could this be?

What type of bird could this be?

Some wider shots.

There are a few other shots and a small video over at flickr. Suffice to say, believing on her on not, it was a really enriching and unexpected experience to meet her.

On a side note, it’s probably just things crossing together, CBS has also been promoting the new cycle of the Survivor series (which for some reason, I was never able to endure). But guess what where the new season is set?

The new season is titled Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands. Here’s the promo video.


One Response

  1. Thank you J for this great report.
    I sincerely hope that Dona Romana is alive and well.
    I am drawn to less visited parts of Brazil. I personally consider Brazil
    to be most Blessed of all countries in this world. My next visit will definitely include trip to Natividade and Dona Romana.
    Best regards,
    Oak Park, IL

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