Does stereotyping means segmentation?

A friend of mine just emailed me the following images, mostly as another one of those funny emails, you are always getting from friends.

Yeah,  they’re funny. But the after thought disturbed me a little. Are they really appealing as an campaign?  It reminds me, of how ad campaign for beers, just like margarine ads, are usually interesting cases to be analyzed, especially on its cultural take. They’re open books for what “socially acceptable” in your given society.

Beer ad campaigns are mostly male oriented, even the more quirky ones (yes, Budweiser, I’m looking at you now). They associate themselves with happinnes, beautiful women, fraternity, and other words as such.

The point here is can this sometimes go to far (it seems like my main question for the day). The campaign could be listed among the quisky ones, even if just considered through the point that the thought process is different to men and women.

However, does designing campaigns through the eyes of the stereotypes, really allow you to reach your targeted demographic. Wouldn’t be more harmful, than positive?

It was already the trend, even before the current economic crisis, reaching out to specific public is an essential part to the success of most business plans, especially if the attempt is not only to create awareness, but start a relashioship with the costumer.

In families, in which the women are the deciders of what purchases are made, what is the effect of such campagins, wouldn’t cause more negative reaction toward your brand, rather than generating potetial costumers?

A curious comparison that could be done one of these days, browse youtube for different video campaigns for beer from around the world. The result will either confirm the shallow observations above, or actually provide some interesting data for further study.

Then do same with Margarine. Wonder what would be the result…


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