Guessing the cover: EW Fall TV Preview 2009 – The Follow up.

And the EW Fall TV Preview 2009 issue is out, which cover was previewed via their popwatch blog, right before the release.

Yes, long shot from my 5 guesses, which were How I met Your Mother, Melrose Place, Cougar Town, Glee and Medium.

So in the countdown. a 1st for Fox in this century, and the count still goes with 0 to CBS. It’s the 5th groups cover, and 4th featuring 2 actors, and also the second one of this bunch to feature Joshua Jackson. As an actor he’s the one with the most appearances in the EW Fall TV Preview issues covers.

Very long shot, right?

That was until I picked up my copy in the stands. (Scanned my cover for better effect, you can even see a tag from the Brazilian newstand where I bought it on the bottom left, over the barcode).


So was I that wrong? The weird part is that the cover credit did credit the version you see above on the post, with Josh Jackson and Anna Torv. (and my friends actually found that copy) and not this great mosaic one I found. Wonder why there were two covers?

In case you’re too lazy here’s the tally if we consider this mosaic cover.

ABC: Cougar Town, Greys Anatomy and Desperate Housewives (The love for ABC and Courtney Cox continues)

CBS: How I Met your Mother, NCSI: Los Angeles (wow a first for the network – but doesn’t really count, is not a full feature)

FOX: Fringe (Actually the miniature of the cover with two of them)

NBC: The Office and 30 Rock (Basically the comedy powerhouses of the network)

The CW: Melrose Place (nu, 2009, whatever you like to call it, but with the old cast. Note another cover with Laura Leighton)

Showime: Dexter (Yes, a first for a cable network)


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