My Favorite Movies of 2004

INTRO: Ever since 2003, I started to log every movie I watch, as I was starting to average almost a movie per week.

As everyone been doing rundown of movies of the decade thing, I’m going to go through these logs and list my favorite movies of each year.

These are my favorite movies of 2004, in no particular order:

– The Incredibles

– Cellular

– Alfie

– Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom

– Spider-Man 2

– The Butterfly Effect

– Kill Bill Vol.2

– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

– The Notebook

My Least favorite movies of 2004 – lots of bad movies that I ended up watching this year:

– Garfield

– Oceans Twelve

– The Manchurian Candidate (remake)

– Exorcist: The Beginning

– Taxi (remake)

– Forgotten

– Catwoman (at least I got this ticket for free)

– Stepford Wives (remake)

– Master and Commander (I know it was nominated, but I HATED this movie)

– Timeline (HATED the movie, annoying shit)


2 Responses

  1. God, Am I old? I don’t even remember 2004? I guess its true the older you get the faster the years go by.

  2. I also watch a lot of movies. I watch about 4 or 5 a week on average.

    I review them as a hobby. I would love to get your input.

    Cellular was great! Really underrated.

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