My Favorite Movies of 2005

INTRO: Ever since 2003, I started to log every movie I watch, as I was starting to average almost a movie per week.

As everyone been doing rundown of movies of the decade thing, I’m going to go through these logs and list my favorite movies of each year.

My Favorite Movies of 2005:

– Robots

– FInding Neverland

– Ju-On: The Grudge

– 十面埋伏

– Garden State

– Mr. and Mrs. Smith

– A Lot Like Love

– Sin City

– Bin Dip

– Red Eye

– Danny the Dog

– Serenity

– Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

My Least Favorite Movies of 2005:

– White Noise

– Birth

– Constantine

– Elektra

– Alexander

– Dark Water

– Horror in Amityville

– Domino

– Stay


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  1. Now I remember some of these. Thanks.

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