Guessing the cover: EW Fall TV Preview 2010.

It’s that time of the year again. How time flies when you’re living it. Even when you could be living it even more.

Anyway, since I already did most of the needed catch up (See the following posts from last year here and here), let’s just do a fast countdown and go directly to this year’s guesses:

– Here’s the Network Tally:

A total of 20 covers so far

ABC: 5 (Twin Peaks, Alias, Lost, Greys Anatomy and Private Practice)

CBS: 0 – a big zero.

FOX: 5 (Married with Children, Melrose Place [2x], Time of Your Life, Fringe)

NBC: 7 (Seinfeld, Friends, Suddenly Susan, Veronica’s Closet, Titans, Miss Match and Joey)

WB: 1 (Dawson’s Creek)

UPN: 1 (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer)

The CW: 1 (Gossip Girl)


Just like last year, I’ll list my possible guesses for the cover below, with pros and cons. Won’t add odds, because I suck at that assessment.

1) Hawai Five-O – CBS

Pros: Will this finally be the CBS year. After 20 years, EW have yet to grace the #1 network with a Fall Preview issue Cover. Not only a remake of a really classic show, it’s the network 3rd bet on Alex O’Loughlin, who starred in Moonlight (before it’s time, cancelled right before the most recent vampire boom) and Three Rivers. It must be one of the most buzzed new shows for this season.

Cons: EW front cover rarely features new shows with some rare and not impressive cases, also would be another year featuring a drama on the cover. Considering that last season was the season of the new comedies, maybe they’re going to be the ones featured in this year’s cover.

2) Modern Family – ABC

Pros: Beloved by public and critics, Just received an Emmy for best comedy duking it out with Glee. After such a long time wihtout so much buzz about comedies, last year was finally the year.

Cons: Huge ensemble cast, who to feature? Who gets almost a starring nod besides Sophia Vergara’s very prominent features.  OK, bad joke. Sorry for that. But, come on, it’s hard not to look if you’re a heterosexual male.

3) The Big Bang Theory – CBS

Pros: One of the biggest moves from the new fall programming was CBS, stopped being completely safe, and moving one of their highest rated shows from it’s safe spot on Monday Nights, to the so sought after Thursday Night, facing directly against what used to be the home of “Must See TV” NBC, in an already very busy night. Also Jim Parsons was finally recognized for his amazing work as Sheldon. Who to feature on the cover? Jim Parsons of Course. And it finally break the no EW Fall Preview covers for CBS.

Cons: I don’t really have any cons for this ones. Maybe only for the fact is the last show that I remembered to include in the list, and just got in time to include it in the middle of the list. But if there’s a show in this list that I would place on top of my bet list would be this one.

4) Glee – Fox

Pros: Look, here are the Gleeks again.  19 nominations to the Emmy and were basically duking it out for best comedy with Modern Family.

Cons: Same problem as Modern Family, who to feature in a big enssemble cast, but having Jane Lynch as a standout character in the show, might solve this issue. However, Fox two years in a row?

5) Chuck – NBC

Pros: A really beloved show, that seems to not be seen by enough people. An impressive cast and in my case a central couple I really want as a couple (I am among the few who don’t want Temperance and Seeley as a couple on Bones, neither do I want Rick and Kate as a couple on Castle). Having either Zachary Levi alone on the cover, or him with Yvonne would look amazing.

Cons: NBC did renew it for another season, but it wasn’t for a full fledged 22 episode season, only a 13 episode one, and the show still need to fight it out to get the back 9.  I’m already saving a few coins to get a few Subway meals. Also, almost half of the EW covers featured NBC shows, and almost half of them featuring failures.

6)The Office – NBC

Pros: It’s Steve Carrel’s last season heading the show. That’s all I have.

Cons: The Office, hasn’t been a critical darling for the last 2 seasons or so. Jim and Pam got a bit boring ever since they got married and  Rainn Wilson’s Dwight is now basically a caricature.  Despite the impressive fact thathalf the production and writing staff are part of the cast.

If there was a 7th bet I might’ve put in here is CW’s Vampire Diaries, but as most of this network’s shows will have already premiered by the time this issue is releases, I doubt it’ll feature them. Vampire Diaries is probably one of the 1st major broadcast shows to return, which will happen this Thursday, September, 9th.

As a round-up I’m basically putting my bets that a comedy will be featured on the cover, and maybe this will finally be a year to feature a CBS show.


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