My Favorite Movies of 2006.

I started this series of post late 2009, in the attempt to cover all my log up to 2009, but I got busy and never got to finish. As I’m about to give some importance back to this blog, I felt that the 1st task at hand would be to finish this series of blog before heading to other subjects.

So here we go.

INTRO: Ever since 2003, I started to log every movie I watch, as I was starting to average almost a movie per week.

As everyone been doing rundown of movies of the decade thing, I’m going to go through these logs and list my favorite movies of each year.

These are my favorite movies from 2006, in no particular order (probably chronological following their release dates in Brazil)

– 如果,愛 (Perhaps, Love)

– Brokeback Mountain

– Matchpoint

– Les Poupées Russes

– Thank you for Smoking

– Black Dahlia

– The Fountain

– Peaceful Warrior

– Clerks 2

– El Labirinto de Fauco

– Children of Men

My Least favorite movies from 2006:

– Capote – (What a fracking boring movie. Yes, really well acted, but the movie itself is taken and turtle pace. If you’re watching Rubicon, the tv show can be called action packed compared to this movie).

– Silent Hill (Great source material, horrible delivery)

– My Super Ex-Girlffriend (Great cast wasted on a terrible script)

– Butterfly Effect 2 (Unnecessary follow-up)

– Passage (Sometimes the reviews are right, this is one of those cases)

– Wicker Man (The remake with Nicholas Cage. Got the ticket for free.)

– Eragon (great cast, beloved source material, and a horrible adaptation)

Random Notes:

This was the year I got to watch Il Mare and Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (My Sassy Girl), the really great Korean flicks that originated the respective lukewarm and heartless US remakes The Lake House (with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves – lame reunion for the Speed duo) and My Sassy Girl (with Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert). If you never saw any of these movies but wants to, watch the US remake ones first, then watch the original ones, which are made a level of beauty and inspiration, that makes the western versions really painful.

Curiously Hong Kong went the other way around and actually remade an Hollywood movie. The chosen remake was Cellular, a really fun underated 2004 movie, starring Chris “Human Torch – Captain America” Evans, Kim Basinger, Jason “The Transporter” Stathan, Richard Burgi, William H. Macy and some other people you’ll know when you spot them. The remake called Connected, was released in 2008, with some big stars both from Honk Kong and also Taiwan. Haven’t seen the remake yet, the DVD was still a bit over-priced when I was back in Taiwan a month ago, so maybe another time.

Which brings me to the “the facto” big movie of 2006, The Departed, which ended up getting an Academy Award for best movie and finally landing Martin Scorsese an overdue award for best director. We can’t deny the movie was really well produced, with an amazing cast. But the fact the final product was a really well done transposition from it’s source material, Hong Kong’s 2002 blockbuster Infernal Affairs, is a bit annoying, as producers barely even credit the source material, almost left as a footnote in the final credits, instead of brightly spotted somewhere in the starting credits. I really liked The Departed as a movie, is a remake that worked, but for the reasons just mentioned, I decided not to include it among my favorite movies for this year.


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