My favorite movies of 2008.

As I review this, it might not be clear, I’m only listing the best (favorite) and the worse (least favorite), no listing all the movies I’ve seen that year. Which would take a lot of work to type in. After a brief count I do watch at least 60 movie titles per year, and that number is higher in years I was less busy.

Now, let me head into 2008.

INTRO: Ever since 2003, I started to log every movie I watch, as I was starting to average almost a movie per week.

As everyone been doing rundown of movies of the decade thing, I’m going to go through these logs and list my favorite movies of each year.

These are my favorite movies of 2008.

– Cloverfield

– Definitely Maybe

– Soom (Breath)

– Iron Man

– Red Belt

– Wall-e

– The Dark Knight

– The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

– Apenas o Fim

– Lat Den Ratte Komma In (Let the Right one In)

– Romance

– Die Tranen Meiner Mutter

– 流浪,神,狗。人 (God, Man, Dog)

– Sydney White

My Least favorite movies of 2008.

– Hancock (1st time ever I almost left the movie in the middle, it was that bad. Can’t believe they’re talking about sequels – I think it’s the worse movie in this list, and there’s some bad stuff below).

– The Happening (The movie that made me lose faith on M. Night Shyamalan)

– Max Payne

– In the name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (it’s Uwe Bowe. No other comment is needed)

– Twilight

Random Comments

Yes. This was the year that started the sparkly vampire madness. If only the movies were actually good or passable, it would be a less sad fact.

It was very bad year for movies, but also a very good one with some titles that will probably stand the test of time. The Dark Knight and Iron Man, two comic book hero movies, done very differently, both with different strengths. And then, there’s Wall-e. I still remember a few years ago when Pixar revealed their slate of upcoming movies, and included both Wall-e and Up. I remember a lot of people winking, and the result were some of the best movies in recent years.  I think Wall-e (the character) might be one of my favorite fictional creations in recent years.

This was also a great year, if you enjoy “foreign” (as in non-hollywood) movies from other countries. I watched great movies from Europe, Asia, and local Brazilian movies are also getting more prominent in my favorite lists.  Among 2008 was Lat Den Ratte Komma In, which Hollywood is remaking as Let me in, and will debut sometime in the next few months, despite the great casting for the US version, I doubt it’ll be a moody and creepy as the original movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet and plan to, I’ll leave you with the same advice from a few posts before. Watch the remake first, then  try the original, never go other way around. The next one to survive this next, might be the adaptations for the Millenium Trilogy series, which David Fincher is the man behind this ship, and have a hard task to follow the amazingly well done Swedish adaptations.


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