Follow-up: Guessing the cover: EW Fall TV Preview 2010.

So as it seems EW might be dropping the main feature on the cover, and going with the multiple feature cover like the b-cover from last year.

So in a few ways, I did guessed right some of the features. Here’s the cover for the new issue released last friday:


Tina Fey (30 Rock – NBC)

Jane Lynch (Glee – FOX)

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim (Hawai Five-O – CBS) – Who carry combined experiences through Battlestar Galatica, 24, Angel and Lost.

Sofia Vergara (Modern Family – ABC) – I was right about the assets, wasn’t I?

Michael C. Hall (Dexter – Showtime)

Courtney Cox-Arquette and Jennifer Aniston (Cougar Town – ABC) – I completely blanked out about this, when listing my guesses.

Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory – CBS)

Surprised that they featured Michael C. Hall, but included nothing from The CW.

3 of them are repeats from last year mosaic cover: Courtney Cox-Arquete, Michael C. Hall and Tina Fey.

Disappointed that they decided to feature 30 Rock again, instead of featuring something that was a lot more fun last season like Chuck.


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