I was never close to my father’s parents, so my mom’s were the ones I always referred as THE grandparents. Lost my grandma almost 3 years ago. And now, my grandfather has also passed a few days ago.

Among the 8 grandkids (which happens to be a weird expression, with myself being the second oldest at 31), sadly I am the one who never got to interact a lot with them. I moved to Brazil when I was 5, the few times I got to return to Taiwan, the time spent was quite limited.

Even limited, I’m so glad I was there. Thought I’d have a greater sense of loss, but what I am left now is a sense of relief, may them rest in peace.

The 3-day trip to Okinawa just before the turn of the year from 2009 to 2010, was the last time I had really the opportunity to interact wih both of them together, and it is from then that I took this wonderful picture.

Seems like appropriate as an epitaph as I don’t have remakable memories to share like my other relatives do.


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