Remembrance Part 2

PhotoGrid_1382434479582Valued memories. It’s been 12 days, and a somber month.

Learned a few days ago about the passing of a childhood friend, mostly lost contact but still got updates from her father. And barely hours ago learned about the passing of one of best friend’s father. Somber somber month.

Made me want to honour my grandparents once again, even though I lack memorable tales, so here’s another rememberance post.



I was never close to my father’s parents, so my mom’s were the ones I always referred as THE grandparents. Lost my grandma almost 3 years ago. And now, my grandfather has also passed a few days ago.

Among the 8 grandkids (which happens to be a weird expression, with myself being the second oldest at 31), sadly I am the one who never got to interact a lot with them. I moved to Brazil when I was 5, the few times I got to return to Taiwan, the time spent was quite limited.

Even limited, I’m so glad I was there. Thought I’d have a greater sense of loss, but what I am left now is a sense of relief, may them rest in peace.

The 3-day trip to Okinawa just before the turn of the year from 2009 to 2010, was the last time I had really the opportunity to interact wih both of them together, and it is from then that I took this wonderful picture.

Seems like appropriate as an epitaph as I don’t have remakable memories to share like my other relatives do.

2013 here we go…not really.. Geeky 2013 Calendars:

OK, we’re not even halfway through the year. Nearly, but not there yet.

Hey Geeks, as you may be aware there world is not ending at the end of 2012, so you might want to consider getting a calendar for 2013. Check out these cool suggestions:

Avengers 2013 Wall Calendar
Peanuts 2013 Wall Calendar
Harry Potter Lego 2013 Wall Calendar
Brave 2013 Wall Calendar

The Hunger Games 2013 Wall Calendar
Harry Potter Special Edition 2013 Wall Calendar
Doctor Who 2013 Wall Calendar
Doctor Who Special Edition 2013 Wall Calendar
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2013 Wall Calendar:
The Big Bang Theory 2013 Wall Calendar:
How I Met Your Mother 2013 Wall Calendar:
Spartacus 2013 Wall Calendar
Game of Thrones 2013 Wall Calendar:
Angry Birds 2013 Wall Calendar:
The Dark Knight Batman Rises 2013 Wall Calendar
The Walking Dead 2013 Wall Calendar



Dr. Horrible Act 1 Alive

The First act of the 40~50 minute long internet production, went live Midnight on US’ Eastern Daylight Time, with some trouble for all people outside of the US, and it took the great efforts of Jed Whedon and his Dr. Horrible crew a few hours (5~6 on my count) to solve these issues and made it available to the rest of the word.

The result is simply nifty, or dreamy like Joss calls is.

It present us with 3 quite enjoyable main characters, and I can’t wait to watch the following 2 acts that concludes this special presentation.

Just like the songs from the Buffy, musical episode “Once More, With Feeling”, the songs from Dr. Horribleare quite catchy, and you can’t help but start to hum together at first, and even start to sing along (heh, it’s the Dr. Horrible Sing-along Blog…) on second viewings on.

And it just so good to see “Mutant Enemy” back on the screens…

Favorite lines:

“Sarcasm, that’s original…”

“The Status is not quo.”

“Look, I’m just trying to change the world.”

“I love the air”

“with my freezeray I’ll stop the world.”


Culture Conundrums #00

Why Culture Cunundrums?

Weird name for a personal blog, that has not yet defined another purpose, beside some narcissistic sense that people might want to read, what I’m writing about.

Well, on the rare occasions that I get a spurt of creativity, some things stick out. Cultures Conundrums, was originally the name of a podcast I was planning to do, about this same time last year. It was supposed to be work somehow like the sadly podfaded and deeply missed 5 Questions podcast, in the question and answer structure.

It was supposed to work like a bi-weekly podcast. The first podcast of the month, would be a short podcast, with a introduction of the subject, of the “Culture Conundrum” for that month, which could be a simple phenomenon, or some local custom that I found to be curious or that deserved some discussion, and maybe a second section for some review on books, movies, articles or even podcasts. The second podcast of the month, would be the feedback episode, in which I planned to read feedbacks onto the “conundrum” of the month, and maybe play voice mails, if I even got one.

Not surprisingly I never got the chance to really do the podcast. I was already listening to many podcasts at the time, and like most of them if I ever got to make it, I’d like to really be able to deliver shows steadily and with some quality material to really deserve the listeners for the show. It would be too much work than the time I have available, as of now, I always multi-task, and rarely have more than 3-4 hour of real sleep. Instead of investing a lot, to just podfade in some tragic blaze of fire, I decided to not pursue into the production the podcast.

Well, as I decided to come back to the blogging word, I was faced with the question of what to call it. I didn’t want to call it Johny’s blog or J’s Blog, that is just too lame, and lacked some level of reflection that I’m still attempting to relay. As I was registering the name on wordpress, the name was available, so I decided to stick with it.

If you’re one of the current non-readers, you may have noticed the numbering on the title. Won’t be doing a podcast anytime soon, but I plan to post in somewhat regular weekly or biweekly columns. I’ll rescue some of the topics that I had listed originally for the podcast from the garbage bin, and give my personal take on them.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Testing new blog on WordPress, seems a lot friendlier than Livejournal.

Anyway, I’m back to the blogging word. It seems that I’m a better blooger as contributor on, Whedonesque, rather than trying to blog myself for whaterver other reason. Anyway, my old livejournal, was mostly, well journaling.

Anyway, re-learning the blog language, as I plan to get heavily involved as a social media evangelist.

Will post more and in more clever ways, hopefully. Be back, very soon.