My favorite movies of 2009.

And finally I reach the point I meant to reach 9 months ago. Not really an accomplishment, more like reach an overdue goal.

INTRO: Ever since 2003, I started to log every movie I watch, as I was starting to average almost a movie per week.

As everyone been doing rundown of movies of the decade thing, I’m going to go through these logs and list my favorite movies of each year.

These are my favorite movies of 2009.

– Australia (underrated, but I really enjoyed it. Also having enjoyed it with my mom, might have helped to put it in this list)

– Changeling

– Slumdog Millionaire

– Watchmen (a better adaptation than I expected)

– Gran Torino (Great year for Clint Eastwood movies, normally I’m not a huge fan of him or his movies)

– I Love You Man

– Star Trek (was never able to enjoy any of the shows, but I enjoyed this take from JJ. Abrams)

– Push

– Okuribito (Departures)

– Veronika Decides to Die

– Up

– 500 Days of Summer

– Paranormal Activity

– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (it wasn’t in this list originally, but I got to re-watch it on the plane last month, and made me appreciate it in another light)

– Quanto dura o amor ( is an indie Brazilian movie that deserves to be checked out, if you ever get the chance. You know how some movies New York City is almost like a character in the movie itself, this movie happens to be able to do the same with Sao Paulo, and that’s not the only reason to check it out. The movie was really well produced, with well rounded characters).

Least favorite movies of 2009:

– The Day the Earth Stopped (the remake with Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connely and Jayden Smith – a remake that no one asked for)

– Angels & Demons (hated how it was adapted)

– Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (my nostalgia compels me to watch the movie, which is terrible. This sequel happens to be 10 times worse than the 1st Michael Bay trip into this universe).

– The Ice Age 3 (how not to do 3D for the sake of 3D)

– Besouro (A long form movie should not be like a Music Video, it’s not only about the flash stuff, but also about the script and the rest of the movie. Everything cool about this movie is in the trailer, the rest if just forgetable).

Random Thoughts

These random thoughts are more about why certain movies were not included in either one of the lists above.

This was the year with the real explosion of 3D movies, with the biggest name in this being James “I’m the king of the World’ Cameron’s Avatar. I enjoyed Avatar, I did go to the theater multiple times.  But in the end of the day, it was less about the movie, but a lot more about the cinematic experience the movie provided. The movie was finally taking the 3D screening experience to another level.
I think most of the Avatar detractors, which includes anyone who simply pointed how similar the story was to Pocahontas, pointed how silly is the script, without actually experiencing it, were people who see cinema only as a rational stuff. The magic that was Avatar was the combination of a lot of things, it was a the big screen, the stereoscopy, it’s watching it in a packed screening room, with a bowl of popcorn on your lap. It’s a combo. I think that’s a reason I don’t list the movie among my favorites despite multiple watchings. I don’t own the DVD or Blu-Ray Disk of the movie, and don’t plan to get it anytime soon, as I would never be able to replicate the same experience at home.

Two movies that I think some people might have expected me to feature in the least favorite lists are Dragonball: Evolution and GI. Joe. Unfortunately, I actually enjoyed both on them in some level. They were fun. I’m no purists here, in the sense that I was never a HUGE fan of the Dragonball franchise or the GI. Joe franchise. The movies were fun, mindless fun and you can leave them at that.

Two movies that I think deserve some props but are widely detracted from this year are Gamer and the new Fame. Gamer with all star cast, reminded me a lot of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, by exploring at first some exploitation themes, and then delving deeper into subjects of self-identity, choice and will. Fame from Kevin Tancharoen was a fun movie, a way better remake than a lot of stuff that’s out there, and tried to update some concerns from similar templates from the original movie.

Hangover: watched it and despite enjoying the work from cast, still feel it was one of the most overated movies from this year.

Jeffrey Katzenberg Thinks 2-D Movies Will Be A Thing Of The Past .

Jeffrey Katzenberg Thinks 2-D Movies Will Be A Thing Of The Past.

I’ve got to agree with “El Guapo” about this subject, 3D movies are just ocassional fun, it was already hard to wear those glasses for a short 80 minutes movie, I can’t see myself really enjoying movies several times wearing them, or even longer movies.

And smaller theathers, even if set up with the appropriate technology to project 3D movies, suffers a lot from the effect, as 3D movies are better to be shown in larger screens, in larger screening rooms.

Foreign audiences suffer in which English is not the native language, will never get to watch these movies in 3D iin the original language, since the process of subtitling these titles become 10 times harder and a lot more expensive.

As mentioned in the article is just seems like a random comment, since Katzenberg’s company is investing in this type of movies, really hope it doesn’t become a trend.

It’s fun to take the kids out once in a while, but I am 2D all the way.

Blue Man Group Musical Coming to IMAX 3-D .

Blue Man Group Musical Coming to IMAX 3-D –

A couple weeks ago, I went to a showing of U2 3D with my friends, which covered their recent tour in Latin America. It was quite interesting experience, the most I experienced of 3D in movie theathers, was mostly those small movies in amusement parks.

I read sometime ago in one of the trades, how some companies are betting strongly in these 3D movies. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun experience, and I understand how fun it can be to the kids, but I don’t know how profitable they can really be.

At least down here, they’re not as wide spread, there’s only a few of them, and I was surprised to find out, that they’re a lot more expensive than regular screenings.