Culture Conundrums #00

Why Culture Cunundrums?

Weird name for a personal blog, that has not yet defined another purpose, beside some narcissistic sense that people might want to read, what I’m writing about.

Well, on the rare occasions that I get a spurt of creativity, some things stick out. Cultures Conundrums, was originally the name of a podcast I was planning to do, about this same time last year. It was supposed to be work somehow like the sadly podfaded and deeply missed 5 Questions podcast, in the question and answer structure.

It was supposed to work like a bi-weekly podcast. The first podcast of the month, would be a short podcast, with a introduction of the subject, of the “Culture Conundrum” for that month, which could be a simple phenomenon, or some local custom that I found to be curious or that deserved some discussion, and maybe a second section for some review on books, movies, articles or even podcasts. The second podcast of the month, would be the feedback episode, in which I planned to read feedbacks onto the “conundrum” of the month, and maybe play voice mails, if I even got one.

Not surprisingly I never got the chance to really do the podcast. I was already listening to many podcasts at the time, and like most of them if I ever got to make it, I’d like to really be able to deliver shows steadily and with some quality material to really deserve the listeners for the show. It would be too much work than the time I have available, as of now, I always multi-task, and rarely have more than 3-4 hour of real sleep. Instead of investing a lot, to just podfade in some tragic blaze of fire, I decided to not pursue into the production the podcast.

Well, as I decided to come back to the blogging word, I was faced with the question of what to call it. I didn’t want to call it Johny’s blog or J’s Blog, that is just too lame, and lacked some level of reflection that I’m still attempting to relay. As I was registering the name on wordpress, the name was available, so I decided to stick with it.

If you’re one of the current non-readers, you may have noticed the numbering on the title. Won’t be doing a podcast anytime soon, but I plan to post in somewhat regular weekly or biweekly columns. I’ll rescue some of the topics that I had listed originally for the podcast from the garbage bin, and give my personal take on them.