So this is US TV for next fall season

Won’t do lengthy a coverage like I attempted to do last year, so please check out the extensive and very resourceful coverage from The Futon Critic, as it’s as detailed as you need.

Some useful specific links as follows.

Full 2008-2009 Fall Line Up (as always, subject to change as we approach the fall)

PIlot Reviews (some through pilots, some through presentation, and some through only the script)

Some notes:

Check this brief promotional piece for “DOLLHOUSE”, featuring Joss and Eliza:

– Still think that JJ Abrams is overated, but will check out “Fringe”
– The lack of new compelling shows (unless you’re called Fox, under new management), amazes me, at the same time, it’s so nice that so many debuts from 2007-2008 season, got renewed.
– Still don’t get the fuss about “Mooonlight” (previously known as Twilight), just get over it, or get your creator to create official continuation for it in another medium.