Increasing PSPs storage

I still own my old compaq desktop (will include a picture of it, on my next update) that I got back in 97, which had an 4GB HD. It’s actually taking a lot of space in the small office, that I share with my sister and mom, and they do keep insisting for me to get rid or it. For some weird reason I just keep postponing this, I bet the only fate it can have is become scrap.  Hence, even these new “Netbooks” are about to get the same amount of storage, with 1/8  of it’s weight, and don’t get me started on size.

It amazes me that in only a few years, 4GB can actually fit on your hand, weight almost nothing, and be the size of your thumb. Yeah, I have one those 4GB flash drives, that are so handy.  And that’s almost nothing, as you get devices that are quite small and hold over 100GBs.

As an multimedia device, my PSP is definitely one my favorite recent acquisitions. Great for gaming, and I’ve been enjoying its wireless capabilities a lot more than just online gaming, it’s great for web browsing, despite being a bit of a drag to type in it.  It became my main media player, despite some of it’s limitations. I got it last November, when I was back in Taiwan, with a great deal that got me a 4GB memory disk with it.  At the time I though it would be enough, how was I wrong. I can’t count the number of times I’ve already fill it with stuff, until it was almost full, and had to gradually empty it.

Guess this won’t be a problem for me soon. Photofast at Computex 2008 in Taiwan, is showing an upcoming new product that will be able to expand storage capability for PSP up to 64GB, and that’s for current frash disk standards, which could still change again this year. reports here some info of how a few SDHC memory discs and an adapter will solve the problem, and there’s some additional info on it over here.

Stumbled over this gadget which makes external harddrives for PSP pretty much obsolete. Taiwanese based company Photofast offers an adapter that can hold up to 4 SDHC memory cards, totalling in 32 GB storage for your PSP! Combine 2x 8GB SDHC in 1 of their Dual Slot adapters and double that!

They also announced that it could soon go up to 64 GB max. storage!! But that’s not official news, one of the sales guys leaked that through… He also said that they continually implement Sony‘s latest standards in order to keep their products compatible with any Sony device. Should be a pretty safe bet if that’s true. Besides that, using their MS Pro Duo adapter CR-5300 saves you quite some bucks since SDHCs are much cheaper than Sony’s official memory sticks.