So how it’s been your Download Firefox 3 day?

We’re midway through Download FIrefox 3, still about 6 hours and 1/2 to go. How’s your been.

Got myself one of those mozilla certificates for the download day. Kind of funny. When I tried to reach the website earlier yesterday I even got a error message, for the amount of the people in the network.

The main add-ons I had in the old version, still work on the new, but I already saw some websites not working so well in the new browser, as they get all twitchy or the layout is all strange. Hope the upcoming fixes updates will solve this problem.

The Numbers from the World Downloads are quite impressive, just don’t know if it will mean a new entry in Guiness, would be fun if it does.

These are the Numbers from 7h25am (-3GMT) – all data from, I’m highlighting some coutries, for different reasons, but you’ll find the complete list over there. But where is the Vatican?

Total Downloads: 5,724,449

USA: 2,128,736 (Largest Amount of Downloads)

Germany: 355,323 (it seems they’re second)

Japan: 277,590

SPain: 206,739

France: 194,994

UK: 196,642

Iran: 178,751

Canada: 168,290

Italy: 156,231

Brazil : 128,406

China: 127,678

Australia: 106,272

India: 54,370

Taiwan: 49,328 (does it make me a sick person, that I’m giddy that there were more downloads in Taiwan, than in Argentina)

Argentina: 42,061

South Korea: 31,992

Hong Kong: 26,945

Portugal: 24,468

Greece: 20,896

New Zeland: 18,938 (we should get the Middle-Earth peple to download it too).

Singapore: 18,967

Israel: 17,551

Ireland: 14,192

Luxembourg: 3,564

Bangladesh: 1,466 (If I remember right from school, it’s the country with the highest level of population density)

Qatar: 885 (Always loved, writing Qatar)

Lebanon: 700

Cuba: 586

Fiji: 265

Palestinian Territories: 252

Liechtenstein: 216 (Smallest country with defined borders)

Iraq: 158

Zimbabwe: 146 (last country in the list, alphabetically)

Ethiopia: 124

Afghanistan: 93 (the first coutry in the list, alphabetically)

Vanuatu: 19

Cape Verde: 15 (I went to college with some people from Cape Verde)

Somalia: 7

Sierra Leoa: 2

The 0 Club, makes you wonder why…

French Guiana: 0

North Korea: 0

Svalbard and Jan Meyen: 0

Timor Leste: 0

Western Sahara: 0

Will be back tomorrow with final results, and how this will hare out.