Holding your audience with some creativity.

Spectacular Sticky-Note Experiment .

Stumbled with this really fun ad in a blog post from Marshable.Three Minutes and Nineteen seconds of colorful and joyfun, that actually made me curious about the product, and wonder whether we have them here in Brazil. It worked. And they did include websites in some moments of the ad, so we can follow through, which I’ve yet to do.

OK, most of times, advertisers only get 30-seconds to send in their message, but the message is mostly empty if you can’t reach your intended audience. But in the era of Tivo, DVRs, or even the old VHS from years ago and other things of such, allow people to skip those ads, but what if you can make someone who`s fart forwarding through the commercial break, stop and rewind, and then rewind again. Think about it.

Oh, the guys from EepyBird must be credited for the experiment. http://eepybird.com/

Creative marketing campaign, part of HBO promotion for “Alice”

Creative marketing campaign, part of HBO promotion for “Alice”.

As it seems Fox is not the only cable network working some alternative marketing solutions to promote their new shows, especially local investments.

“Alice” is HBO’s most recent local investment in tv series, following the success of other great successes such as “Mandrake”. The new series which is slated to premiere later on this month, is being heavily promoted, and tells a story of a young girl named Alice, who used to live at the state of Tocantins, and have to move to São Paulo, after the death of her father. After moving to the big city, she’s faced with a journey of self discovery, and explores the night life of our big city. This new show stars the quite unknow Andréa Horta, and include other better known actors such as Regina Braga and Educardo Moscovis. Life most shows, it has a commitmment for 13 episodes, for this first season.

As part of their guerrilha marketing campaign to promote the show:

  • They’re relying heavily on the use instant messaging applications, as people who be-friend the characters user, will receive updates about the show, including videos. Such as this one.
  • The most interesting one, though is some people who were out partying and some university students were presented with “Alice”-themed pen-drives. The content and visual of it is still unclear, as I have yet to find reports of people who actually got said pen-drive, but is really something interesting to watch out.

Wonder if it will reflect on viewership, HBO is not exactly the most accessible network, even for people with Cable at home, as it for the most widespread company NET, it’s only present in more elaborate packages. I don’t even have it for myself, and I’m just hoping they’re giving us a freebie oportunity, when it premiere, like it was done previously for Mandrake or the premiere of Rome, a couple years ago.

Fox new marketing action: Was it really a success?

According to several (for example) websites Fox’s latest marketing campaigns was a huge success.

The tale in a nutshell, for people who don’t speak Portuguese, Fox launched (look how carefully I’m attempting to use classic Marketing tool words) a big promotional 3 day long campaign, called “Quero sair daqui” (I want to get out of here). They set up a large cage in one of the most busy commercial avenues in São Paulo, where they locked an Actor in there, who’d stay there up to 3 days, without leaving. People could try to let him out, buy figuring out the password, through the campaign’s website (which included a live video feed to the cage) and clues were left through some websites, who somehow collaborated with them, and players would be competing to the chance to win a Plasma TV. The whole point, is was a massive action to promote the premiere of the 3rd season of “Prison Break” over here.

I get the thematic take of their marketing plan, but I do question making a  actor (who I hope was at least really well compesated for this work) undertake 72 hours  of work in those conditions, it’s sound almost like slavery. Yeah, I didn’t pass in front of the cage (it’s not in my route to work or back home), so there’s a chance that I’m over-reacting.

Okay, at some extent they did succeed, after all, I am talking about them, and a lot of people were disucussing, if not about them, about the campaign which generated traffic to the campaign’s website. I just find the content of the campaign something quite questionable, I don’t think they’d be so reckless to not at least provide the least human right conditions for the actor and verified with Human Rights organizations, since they were under such public eyes during the whole action.

They did try to combine web with traditional media, and it had a certaing amount of viral pontential, as well as asking for other fan sites, including tv shows websites and blogs to play some role in the campaign. They were definitely out there, if it’ll return as actual audience for the premiere, that’s an issue for another discussion.