Review: “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”.

It feels better the second time around. I was actually very skeptic towards the movie, since I was getting very excited about it after watching two of the trailers they’ve released, and when I raise expectations I tend to get disappointed. The Harry Potter movies been the best example of being very disappointing, even under average expectation levels.

Mummy Tomb of Dragon Emperor

I had the chance to check it twice during the weekend, and wasn’t disappointed at all, and the change of voice from this movie, compared to the previous ones, was not only very welcome, it was one of the strongest standpoints from this movie. I liked about how they were able to keep the same comedic tone from the previews movies, and kept a strong emphasis on the O’Connel family. At the end, I was more satisfied by the experience that this movie provided me, than the one I got from some of the other big summer movie releases from this year.

Li’s Emperor Villain, lacked some of the charisma from Imhotep, but definitely carried more weight than Johnson’s “Scorpion King”, who only more detailed when he got his own movie.

Been a big fan of what Stephen Sommers did with the previous movies, and I’m no hater of the introduction of the kid, in the second movie. I might be in the group of those few who really liked the second movie more than the first one. I think mostly credited for how there was a lot less damseling from Evy, not just for her being able to handle herself in a fight, but for other gestures of her as an stronger female character.

Alex O’Connel
A lot was discussed about the comparisons between making Alex older, and the fact that we had also a son been introduced in the recent Indiana Jones movie. The interplay is quite different, unlike Mutt’s rapport with Indiana, we’ve seen Alex O’Connel before, and a lot about how the O’Connel family works, can be implied through the movie. Rick and Evy did both raise Alex, but once the kid grows up the interplay of the child with the parents changes, even when sometimes the parents still want to see their offspring as kids, and not as an adult, who got their own identities. There were a few things about this during the movie.

The Recasting of Evelyne O’Connel.
I can understand why Rachel, was unwilling to play an older version of herself, despite the character being just a few years older than herself. I missed her presence in the movie, but did enjoy Maria Bello’s take on Evy. Her Evy, was taken from the standpoint of woman 10 years older, who’ve through other things, been through the war.

Historical Setting
I don’t think that’s pointed elsewhere, at least in the several reviews I’ve read , I think that it’s quite interesting that the movie is set in 1947. Not only that’s set about 10 years after the events from the previous movie, not only because it’s after the Second World War. As the movie is mostly set in China, the year is right around the time of another major historic event which is the the Communist Party overthrowing the Nationalist Government, only a couple years later, having them fledging to Taiwan. That’s curious, as we have an emperor characters as the villain, one who aims to conquer and re-establish his control over China, and seeking to be the “King of the World”.