CBS shows on youtube: a road toward universalization of content?

via YouTube Begins Streaming Full-Length Shows from CBS – Mashable

It’s this the 1st step towards allowing people from all over the world to access almost simultaneous new content legally?

Doubt that, with the big hammer from authorship laws lingering everywhere, in which local needs to be local, while the internet is not local at all.

The problem as discussed in other occasions is that the copyright laws do exist out there for a reason to protect creators in their local nations, towards what can be bad use and improper monetization of their creations. But the web changed how content can be distributed, and those laws are still incapable of keeping up with the change.

The election in Brazil do show well how things are diparate. The TSE (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral – Superior Electoral Tribunal), which regulates how elections are conducted in the whole country. Did dictate some new rules about the use of web in campaigns, which should not even be called rules, as they work ton heavy binders that at the end doesn’t allow the use of the web properly as propaganda tool.

Unlike recent youtube crisis with the McCain campaign, in which some of the videos that Youtube ended up taken down, were videos with condescending content toward his opponent instead of proper promotional content, candidates from Brazil are not even allowed to use it properly. If they create an Youtube channel for instance to collect promotional videos from the campaign, they can, but what they cannot do is actually acknowledge its existence, since they can’t link the youtube channel for their official campaigns website. Candidates were allowed to use other tools such as twitter or even social networking sites like Orkut (the most widespread locally), but just like the case of Youtube Channels, could not be officially acknowledged as official content for their campaigns.

Back on the subject of authorship and copyright laws, the following video for spreading the ideals of Creative Commons, do reflect the thoughts needed for new media, which is great for independent creators.

Not surprisingly things get all blurry when big corporation are thrown into the mix.

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter.

You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter.

Found this funny and poignant video while reading Twitter Brasil blog. “You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter” is song from Ben Walke and you’ll find the complete lyrics in the linked post.