My favorite movies of 2010.

Wow, I’m on time this year around.

As usual, since 2003, I’ve been logging every movie I’ve watched. Every previous I’ve attempted to try to be a regular reviewer failed terribly, so I simply compile these lists, which is more a reflection of how I’ve enjoyed them.

Even if I appreciate a lot a movie for it’s script and production, doesn’t always mean I loved it. Sometimes I might even find the most ludicrous written and produced movie amusing, and for that I’d enjoyed it so much to include among my favorites.

I find that despite a very disappointing Summer season of movies overall (with some very very bright stars), 2010 was a more satisfying year for movies in my opinion.

My Favorite Movies I watched in 2010:

(In no particular order, except the order I watched them)

– Sherlock Holmes (can’t believe I’d ever include a Guy Ritchie’s film among my favorites, but this was a great “update” and the cast deserve a lot of credit for my listing it here)

– How to Train Your Dragon (It be so good if this was the new template for Dreamworks animation, sadly if the recent shown Kung Fu Panda 2 trailers is any indication, it will not be the new template. Don’t get me wrong Kung Fu Panda was fun but that was it. How to Train Your Dragon was filled with heart that are usually only found in Pixar movies, not only that was gorgeously produced and very well written).

– Ghost Writer (I still got a few chapters of The Ghost to finish, but Roman Polansky did it again with an impressive cast nonetheless)

– Toy Story 3 (The movie of the year in my opinion. I was “cursing” Pixar for making me cry again, don’t know which was worse, me crying when Andy handed the toys over to Bonnie this year, of last year during the Ellie Badge thing in Up.)

– Inception

– Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

– The Social Network (if Toy Story 3 wasn’t around, I think this would probably be the movie of the year for me).

– Lost Paradise in Tokyo (a Japenase movie about forming a disfunctional family in a disfunctional city)

– Air Doll

– Third Star (I’m a sucker for movies that explore friendships and this was a very well done one.)

– Friendship! (Fun, fun, fun…. I would almost call it AmericaTrip, cause it reminded me of Eurotrip in several moments).

-Exit Through the Gift Shop (I love how midway through you’re almost forced to question whether this is really a documentary or just another one of Banksy works of art).

– Kyoto Uzumasa Monogatari – Kyoto Story (a lovely piece of changes in this town)

– 聽說 – Hear Me (I’m almost disappointed I didn’t bought the DVDs on sight, because they were already available in Taiwan, when I was back there in August)

– R. U. There (a very cool companion piece for some of the subjects explored in The Social Network).


Worst Movies I watched in 2010

– Nine (how could this gathered talent turn out something this bad).

– Sex and the City 2 (at least I didn’t have to pay to watch this)

– Brilliantlove (one of rare times I almost left the movie midway through, had to be really strong to get to the end of it, and it wasn’t even a long movie. It had a interesting concept, but director decided he preferred to create a soft-porn movie instead.)

– (Ugh, great concept, dreadful delivery).


Honorable Mentions

– Zombieland (it premiered late here, so I only got to watch it in 2010. A precussor for the Zombie fare it would come later in the year)

– Kick-Ass (anyone else remember Chloe Moretz as the little sister from 500 Days of Summer, I do. Already found her impressive back then).

– Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Underrated. It was not meant to be huge at all, it reminded me of some great adventure movies from the 80’s)

– Ponyo, gorgeous movie, I still prefer some of the previous Yamazaki movies though.

– Paranormal Activity 2, don’t  know how long the gimmick will last, but this was very well done.

– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. OK, I think I never put this online. But I’m not the biggest fan of the 3rd film, which seems to be the favorite among a lot of people. I hated some of the direction Cuaron took, and the script did not help, it’s just a fine adaptation, and the book wasn’t even that big. And after how terrible the adaptation for Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince were, It’s very satisfying to get DH Part 1, to be one of the best movies of the series.  I’d place it among 3 of the best from the series so far. In my opinion the other 2 would be Goblet of Fire (Mike Newell brought a level of Britishness that lacked in Cuaron trip here) and The Secret Chamber (despite Columbus making a bit too HomeAlone in some moments, still one of the best adapted books).

– Karate Kid – I still think they should have re-titled this to Kung-Fu Kid. But I’m impressed how good it was. And it’s impressive how more violent it is compared to the original, and the remake featured much younger kids.

– The Town – I love how good a director that Ben Affleck is becoming and what an amazing cast movie this was.

– Never Let me Go – A very good adaptation. The book still carries a much stronger message.

– Buried (it’s haunting, but I bet the average north-american audience hated the ending).

– Black Swan- Gorgeous movie. Will I watch it again? I don’t think so.

– Easy A