Johny Ho: Ho Tsung Yin aka J / Numfar PTB

What is Culture Conundrum?

Culture Conundrums is a weblog written by Johny Ho. He’ll share his thoughts about culture, entertainment, innovation, and how navigate through the 21st century world.

Who is Johny Ho?

Johny Ho is new media enthusiast, who loves everything entertainment. Born in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC) in the early 80’s, he moved with his family to São Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 4&1/2, where he’s been living ever since. Johny is IDed as Ho Tsung Yin, as he never got to register his western name in Brazilian documetation. His best friends call him J (Jay / Jota) and is also known through the nickname Numfar PTB in Joss Whedon fan communities.

Johny has a bachelor degree on Communication, with a major on Public Relations, and has been working with science education, educational technologies, eduteniment and interactive media since 2003 and wants further his work into new media as education tools.


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