Dr. Horrible Act 1 Alive


The First act of the 40~50 minute long internet production, went live Midnight on US’ Eastern Daylight Time, with some trouble for all people outside of the US, and it took the great efforts of Jed Whedon and his Dr. Horrible crew a few hours (5~6 on my count) to solve these issues and made it available to the rest of the word.

The result is simply nifty, or dreamy like Joss calls is.

It present us with 3 quite enjoyable main characters, and I can’t wait to watch the following 2 acts that concludes this special presentation.

Just like the songs from the Buffy, musical episode “Once More, With Feeling”, the songs from Dr. Horribleare quite catchy, and you can’t help but start to hum together at first, and even start to sing along (heh, it’s the Dr. Horrible Sing-along Blog…) on second viewings on.

And it just so good to see “Mutant Enemy” back on the screens…

Favorite lines:

“Sarcasm, that’s original…”

“The Status is not quo.”

“Look, I’m just trying to change the world.”

“I love the air”

“with my freezeray I’ll stop the world.”